Size and body proportions
The height is the most important criterion. It cannot exceed 71 cm at the withers when adult.
But be careful!
The size in itself is not enough. It is necessary that the equine keeps correct and elegant body proportions.


The body
The second essential criterion is to have the shortest possible back.
The body is thin and elegant, the neck is long enough, the head carriage is proud and as high as possible.


The knee in the middle of the limb
The knee must be in the middle of the limb.
The foot is round, well conformed, with hard, smooth and very resistant horn.


The head
The head is thin and elegant, preferably short and cambered.
The eyes are large, expressive, well sheltered by rather prominent arches. The minnow eyes are admitted.
The nostrils are wide, well opened.
The ears are very small, carried high.


Posture and gait
The posture and gait must be correct, the pace energetic, supple and regular.


Dresses, mane
All the dresses are admitted.
The mane, the toupee and the tail are abundantly provided.

Disqualifying defects

Height greater than 71 cm or equine coming from one or both parents measuring more than 71 cm.
Heavy and stocky body type.
Body disproportion – too long body and very short limbs (basset hound type).
Large, heavy head.
Teeth with the lower jaw exceeding the upper jaw by one tooth or more.
Too short limbs, cloven feet and hooves.
Summer scabies.