Who are we?

Man has always shown a curiosity, a passion for extremes; constantly in search of records – the biggest, the strongest, the fastest… and for some, the smallest.

It is no coincidence that our association was born in Belgium. Indeed, Belgium has a long history of breeding miniature equines, which began with Mrs. Hamoir and her breeding of miniature shetland ponies shortly after the war.
Nowadays, many foreign breeders come to Belgium to look for breeding stock in order to reduce the size of their horses.

We are a group of people who are passionate about super small equines. Our non-profit organization “Microequines┬« Worldwide” was created on 26/10/2021 with the aim of encouraging the breeding of miniature equines (with a height at the withers of 71cm or less – otherwise known as microequines) without falling into dwarfism.

Our goal? To promote miniature equids and to introduce this wonderful world to a larger public.

Our strategy? To organize conferences, competitions and auctions. To bring together as many miniature horses as possible and to grant certificates of membership (provisional and definitive) on the basis of well-defined criteria – You will find more information under the tab “Become a member”.

Our final goal is to become a worldwide organization and to list microequines from the 4 corners of the world. We would like the name “microequine” to become a guarantee of quality, so that when you hear this word, you imagine a perfect equine in the legs, with a well-proportioned body, of a breathtaking beauty, with a short head and the whole not higher than 71 cm at the withers…

A microequine certified horse = an exceptional
small size insurance, guaranteed for several

We have invested time and energy in the creation of our ASBL. It goes without saying that we want to protect what is dear to us. That is why our brand “Microequine” ┬« is now registered at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property and thus protected. We will therefore take legal action in case of infringement or misuse.